Gas and fuel canisters

Blue butane gas canisters

Gas canisters used as fuel for portable stoves in camping and other outdoor situations, such as lightweight butane and propane cans, are accepted as sorted recyclable items.

To prevent fire and safety hazards only dispose of canisters when empty. Never dispose of gas canisters in wheelie bins or at waste facilities when mixed with other household general waste.

Disposal / recycling options

Wheelie bins

Waste facilities

Notes and conditions

  • Only domestic quantities are accepted.
  • Domestic disposal is unlimited per household.
  • Accepted canisters can be up to and including one kilogram in size.
  • Refer to gas bottles and cylinders for disposal information on gas bottles less than nine kilograms.
  • Commercial customers can contact the company displayed on the canister for disposal options.
  • Empty fuel or gas canisters must be placed at the allocated household hazardous location at participating waste facilities. A reloading management fee may apply for incorrect disposal of gas canisters.