Construction and demolition

A house that has been demolished

Construction and demolition materials including fencing, roofing, outdoor and internal renovation materials,  i.e. carpet, underlay, tiles, light fixtures, plumbing pipe, etc. are only accepted at Council’s major waste facilities. 

Untreated timber, metal, fencing, roofing, bricks, pavers, tiles, doors, windows and other fittings, are salvaged by Council staff for resale or recycling. Engineered stone can’t be crushed for recycling due to health risks (fine dust).

Salvaging of items or removing of waste materials by the public is not permitted.

Disposal / recycling options

Charities and Treasure Markets

If in working order, items may be accepted at local charities. Materials may be salvaged from waste facilities for recycling via Council Treasure Markets.

Wheelie bins

Waste facilities

Notes and conditions

Disposal is limited to domestic quantities.