Compostable packaging including cups and lids

Compostable packaging

The move to reduce the amount of single-use plastics has seen a rise in the compostable range of alternative items. But are we replacing one single-use or high turnover disposable material for another? 

A better option to reduce waste is to avoid items that are used once and disposed. Reusable items include water bottles, coffee cups, cutlery, plates, washable straws, storage containers, beeswax wraps, cloth shopping bags and many more.

Compostable packaging, liner bags and other items including compostable toothbrushes are made using organic starch from vegetables and grains.

Products may be labeled they can be composted at home, however, these items may not successfully break down in your home compost system as they require significant volume, heat, time and processing.

Compostable items littered in the environment will still take a long time to break down and may be harmful to wildlife that are trapped by or try to ingest these materials.

Disposal / recycling options

Wheelie bins

  • General waste bin

Waste facilities

Notes and conditions

  • Do NOT place these items in the recycling bin as they will be sorted as contamination and disposed in landfill.
    Compostable cups, lids, bags and other packaging that look like plastic are NOT recyclable.