Paper and cardboard


Approximately half of the recyclables generated in our daily lives are paper and cardboard.

Recyclable paper and cardboard includes glossy magazines, newspaper, printed brochures, paperback books, office paper, envelopes and letters, wrapping paper, cereal and food boxes, long-life milk and juice cartons, collapsed cardboard boxes, pizza boxes (remove food and oily parts) and phone books.

Single-use coffee and drink cups are multi-material laminated items. These require dedicated recycling facilities and cannot be recycled through your council bin.

Disposal / recycling options

Wheelie bins

  • Recycling bin

Waste facilities

Notes and conditions

  • No loose shredded paper. Contain inside large paper envelope or cardboard box and seal with sticky tape.
  • Cardboard must be loose and the bin lid must close.
  • Large and bulky cardboard is accepted at Waste Facilities.
  • Large moving boxes, appliance boxes, and large cartons can be recycled in waste facility cardboard bins.
  • Not accepted for recycling: paper or cardboard laminated with plastic or foil, waxed cardboard boxes, plastic laminated paper or brochures, and long dense cardboard rolls used to roll carpet and other commercial materials.