E-waste - televisions, computers and peripherals


E-waste is old computers, computer related products and televisions that no longer work or are obsolete (television and computer waste only). When purchasing a new e-waste item, check to see if the organisation accepts old model for recycling.

Examples of e-waste items that can be disposed of at accepting council facilities include: 

  • televisions
  • computers and laptops
  • video game consoles
  • scanners and printers
  • screens and monitors
  • computer peripherals (including keyboard, mouse, disc drives, web cameras, game pads, electrical transformers, and motherboards).

E-waste is hazardous and has caused fires in collection trucks and at waste facilities. Disposing of these items appropriately will help prevent fires and other hazards. Dispose of your e-waste at one of Councils accepting facilities or TechCollect.

Commercial Customers (small businesses operators) are only able to drop off e-waste at:

Disposal / recycling options

Business or community recycling programs

Recycle your e-waste through national programs. Visit TechCollect to find other e-waste drop-off location near you.

Wheelie bins

Waste facilities

Notes and conditions

  • Commercial e-waste disposal is limited to domestic quantities per visit. Applicable at approved sites.