Mobile phones


There are approximately over 23 million unused mobile phones hidden in our drawers and cupboards across Australia. Of those 5 million are broken and no longer working. Over 95% of the resources in mobile phones can be recovered and returned to the supply chain to go back into making new products.

Council have teamed up with MobileMuster, a government accredited mobile phone recycling program and installed mobile recycling collection units across multiple sites within the region.

Disposal / recycling options

Business or community recycling programs

Recycle your mobile through national programs including the MobileMuster campaign. Ask a mobile phone store if they have a collection bin or check your new phone box for a MobileMuster pouch to mail your phone for recycling at no cost.

Wheelie bins

These items cannot be disposed of in your wheelie bins.

Waste facilities

Notes and conditions

What you can recycle:

  • mobile phones
  • mobile phone chargers
  • mobile accessories.

When recycling mobile phones, it is your responsibility to delete all personal information off the device. Remove the batteries as these can cause a fire in the collection truck or waste facility.

Due to safety hazards, mobile phones and batteries should not be disposed in general waste wheelie bins. You can take them to one of Council's waste facilities that accept mobile phones or search for you nearest drop-off point on the MobileMuster website. Alternatively, check your new phone box for a MobileMuster pouch to mail your phone free of charge.