Metal - cans, foil and packaging


Aluminium and steel is used to make cans for food and beverages, as well as foil trays and wrappers.

Tips for recycling:

  • Empty and rinse cans or containers, aluminium foil and foil trays.
  • Completely empty aerosol cans from residual household sprays.
  • Scrunch aluminium foil and trays to prevent the item being sorted with the lightweight paper at the recycling sorting facility.
  • Small pieces of foil such as Easter egg wrappers and lids from wine and sauce bottles can be enclosed in larger pieces of foil to ensure they are sorted correctly.
  • Save large tins to collect smaller metal items like keys, old padlocks and steel bottle caps for recycling. Check that items are magnetic with a fridge magnet before adding them to the tin. When the tin is full, seal the lid and place in your recycling bin.

Disposal / recycling options

Business or community recycling programs

Many drink containers are eligible for a refund at participating outlets through the Containers for Change refund scheme.

Wheelie bins

  • Recycling bin

Waste facilities