Rates payment plan

Property owners who are unable to pay their rates by the due date can enter into a payment plan. During the term of the payment plan you will not receive any reminder or final notices, however, you will continue to receive your rates notice each quarter. 

Interest on overdue rates and charges will continue to accrue during your payment plan until paid.

 To enter a payment plan you must tell us:

  • Your property address and contact details.
  • How often you will make payments and the amount you are able to pay.

Enter a payment plan

Financial hardship

Council has introduced The Rates and Charges - Financial Hardship Policy (2150-113)(PDF, 141KB) to provide assistance to ratepayers who are experiencing financial hardship due to an unexpected event or unforeseen changes, and are having difficulty in paying rates and charges as a result.

Review the policy and if you meet the criteria you can complete an application for hardship. 

Apply for financial hardship assistance

Frequently asked questions

Our property has more than one owner, do we all apply?

Only one payment plan is required per property and can be set up by any of the owners.

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My property is owned by a business or trust, can I set up a payment plan?

Yes, a payment plan can be set up for a business by a person with authority to act on its behalf.

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Does interest still accrue past due date?

Yes, rates that remain unpaid after the due date accrue interest at a rate of 8.00% per annum.

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Can I set up a payment plan on my rental or commercial property?

Payment plans can be set up on any rateable property in the Moreton Bay Region including secondary dwellings and commercial properties.

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I have a pension card, can I still enter a payment plan?

Pensioners can enter into a payment plan and may be eligible for may be eligible for Pensioner Rebates.

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I am now able to pay my rates in full, do I need to cancel my payment plan?

If you want to cancel your payment plan, contact Council.

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What happens if I already have a direct debit arrangement in place and enter into a payment plan?

By entering into this payment plan, your existing direct debit arrangement will be automatically cancelled. Council will notify you of this change via the email address that you use on the payment plan application form.

You will be required to make your payments via councils other payment channels i.e. BPAY, Pay by Phone, Australia Post and online via the payment portal on Council’s web page.

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