Mango Hill Infrastructure DCP

About the development control plan

The Mango Hill Infrastructure Development Control Plan (DCP) applies to that part of North Lakes currently being developed as the North Lakes Estate and identified in the MBRC Planning Scheme as the North Lakes locality.

In accordance with section 10.1 of the MBRC Planning Scheme, development in the North Lakes locality continues to be regulated by the Mango Hill Infrastructure Development Control Plan. Land in the North Lakes locality does not have a zone or precinct in the MBRC Planning Scheme.

A parcel of approximately 1000 hectares of land had initially been used for grazing and then as a softwood (pine) plantation. The crop was harvested in the early 1990's and the land sold for development. Given the scale and strategic position of the land, the Council and the owner/developer cooperated to produce a DCP for the area prior to development commencing.


The overriding vision for the Mango Hill Infrastructure DCP is to provide an attractive, safe, convenient, efficient and sustainable new town through an integrated and comprehensive master planning process.

The area covered by this DCP is planned to ultimately accommodate approximately 25,000 residents, a town centre incorporating a major shopping centre together with a wide range of employment opportunities and community, education and recreation facilities.

A key aspect of the master planning approach is the timely and coordinated provision of all infrastructure necessary to provide a high standard of living for residents in the DCP area and a vibrant, competitive, well serviced, major employment centre for the Shire and the region.

In addition to the requirements of the DCP, the provision of infrastructure is governed by infrastructure agreements between the Principal Developer, Council and the State Government.

Managing development

The DCP provides a mechanism for planning and managing development by the use of a three (3) level hierarchical plan making process.

The plans in the hierarchical plan making process are the structure plan (included in the DCP), precinct plans and sectors plan (which are prepared subsequent to the DCP as required). Each planning level contains progressively more detailed information, consistent with preceding plans, for progressively smaller areas of the DCP area.

The entire DCP area is zoned Special Development and the DCP together with the subsequent precinct and sector plans provide the basis for the assessment and approval of development. Although the DCP forms part of the Planning Scheme some provisions in the DCP differ from those in the planning scheme.

Similarly, the subsequent precinct and sector plans may contain provisions different from those of the planning scheme. Where a matter is not dealt with by the DCP, precinct plan or sector plan the provisions of the planning scheme shall apply.

Development of the North Lakes project commenced in mid 1999.

Supporting information

The Mango Hill Infrastructure Development Control Plan Planning Study provides supporting information for the DCP.

This Planning Study describes and analyses the physical, environmental, social and economic characteristics and needs of the DCP area, its Shire and regional setting, constraints and opportunities for future development; and preferred future land use strategies and principles which underpin the DCP.

On 15 December 2011, Moreton Bay Regional Council adopted an amendment to the PineRiversPlan, namely the Mango Hill Infrastructure Development Control Plan (MHIDCP). The adopted amendment will have effect on and from Friday, 23 December 2011.

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