Walking and running

Walking groups 

Moreton Bay Region is home to several community walking groups including the Heart Founding Walking initiative.  These groups provide opportunities to improve your fitness, walk with friends, and the benefit of a safer, social and more supportive group atmosphere.

Locate a group near you

Lifestyle tag

Looking for a challenge?  The lifestyle tag (O'Tag) records your walking, jogging, running and cycling times by fitting a tag on your shoe, bike, pram or dog.  The clip registers your times as you pass through the 1 km interval points along the 3 km (6 km return) Redcliffe foreshore from Scott’s Point Progress Park to the Redcliffe Jetty.

Digital timing systems are located at:

  • Scott’s Point Progress Park, Margate Parade, Margate
  • Margate Parade, Margate
  • Suttons Beach Park, Redcliffe
  • Redcliffe Jetty, Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe

Visit the Moving is Improving website and get your tag, put it on and start moving.