Caboolture ShirePlan (Historic)

The Caboolture ShirePlan commenced on 12 December 2005 and was replaced by the MBRC Planning Scheme on 1 February 2016.

The below documents and interactive map include amendments made to the ShirePlan to 31 January 2016. 

Scheme measures

Preface & State Planning Policies reflected in the Planning Scheme(PDF, 575KB)

Part 1 - Introduction(PDF, 619KB)

Part 2 - Interpretation(PDF, 711KB)

Part 3 - Desired Environmental Outcomes(PDF, 579KB)

Interactive map

Caboolture ShirePlan maps

Endnotes and supporting information


Supporting information

Planning scheme policies

Documents include policies and amendments to 31 January 2016.

Also refer to Superseded PSPs for infrastructure contributions.

Planning Scheme Policies Table of Contents(PDF, 573KB)

A number of typographical errors in the PSP21B-G were identified after adoption.  The policies listed are the amended set of policies reflecting the corrections as at 29 October 2009.