Superseded and historic versions of the Planning Scheme

The MBRC Planning Scheme commenced on 1 February 2016. Some parts of the original planning scheme have since been amended and the scheme currently in place is Version 5.

Each time an amendment commences, it creates a superseded version of the Planning Scheme for a period of one year. Under the provisions of the Planning Act 2016, a person may request that a proposed development be assessed and decided under a superseded Planning Scheme. Request to lodge an application under a superseded Planning Scheme must be made within one year of the new Planning Scheme taking effect.

Other older versions of the Planning Scheme are historic versions. Applications for assessment under a historic Planning Scheme cannot be made.

Request to apply under a superseded Planning Scheme

The Request to apply a Superseded Planning Scheme application(PDF, 636KB) allows applicants to make a request for council to assess a development proposal under a superseded Planning Scheme in accordance with section 29 of the Planning Act 2016.

For more information, refer to Queensland Government - Request to apply a superseded Planning Scheme fact sheet.

Superseded and historic planning schemes

Refer to the table for further information relating to superseded and historic Planning Schemes.

Version of document Current status Date
Date commenced  Date superseded
MBRC Planning Scheme Version 4 - Tailored Amendment No. 1 and Planning Scheme Policies Major Amendment No. 1 Superseded 12 December 2019 29 January 2020 26 October 2021
MBRC Planning Scheme Version 3 - Alignment amendment and LGIP amendment Historic 27 June 2017 3 July 2017 29 January 2020
MBRC Planning Scheme Version 2 - Minor and administrative amendment 1 Historic 14 June 2016 20 June 2016 3 July 2017
MBRC Planning Scheme Version 1 - New MBRC Planning Scheme Historic 24 November 2015 1 February 2016 20 June 2016

Caboolture ShirePlan

Historic 12 December 2005 12 December 2005 1 February 2016


Historic 15 December 2006 15 December 2006 1 February 2016

Redcliffe City Planning Scheme

Historic 12 December 2005 12 December 2005 1 February 2016