Operational works and construction

Engineering drawings and specifications should be submitted for approval after the issue of the relevant Development permit.

General requirements

Development approval conditions timed for prior to submission of an operational works application must be satisfied prior to application lodgement.

Written approvals and clearances for the following may be required as applicable:

  • State Government referral agencies
  • downstream drainage discharge rights
  • consent for works in/on land not owned by the developer
  • Energex
  • others (as required)

Pre-design meeting

Council provides a pre-design meeting service to discuss design issues prior to finalising engineering drawings for submission.  Contact Council’s Customer Service to arrange a meeting.

Checking of drawings and specifications prior to submission

Ensure all drawings and specifications have been checked and approved/signed by the Developers engineer (RPEQ) prior to submission to Council for approval. Council officers are not responsible for checking drawings in detail. It is the consultant's responsibility, through their quality assurance procedures, to ensure that designs and documentation are in accordance with Council's Standards, Policies, Planning Scheme and other appropriate engineering standards. 

Non-conforming design

Non-conforming designs will be considered on merit. These designs should satisfy the performance outcomes of the Planning scheme. All non-conforming design proposals must be clearly identified and justification for their use provided. 

Submitting an operational works application

Submission of engineering drawings and specifications for operational works must include:

  • a fully completed application form
  • complete set of engineering drawings
  • application fees in accordance with Council's fees and charges
  • any information requested in the development permit, i.e. reports, studies, etc.
  • relevant supporting documentation
  • electronic copies of stormwater modelling files if applicable
  • electronic copy of SIDRA modelling files if applicable
  • details of non-conforming designs and justification for proposing use 

Approved drawings

Where drawings have been approved or amended drawings approved, it is an offence to make any amendments to these approved drawings and issue them as drawings purporting to have been approved by Council.

Pre-start meeting

As part of the operational works approval a pre-start meeting may be required. The developer's supervising engineer is required to organise a pre-start meeting with all relevant parties in accordance with the Decision Notice condition. This meeting shall occur before any works associated with the development permit commence on site.  The nominated Council construction officer and contact details are listed on the relevant Decision Notice condition.

Purpose of meeting

  • direct contact between relevant parties associated with the construction of the works
  • an appropriate line of communication with council
  • an opportunity for council to obtain relevant construction information such as emergency contacts and work commencement dates from relevant parties
  • council the opportunity to provide a copy of the development permit to the contractor
  • an opportunity to discuss any issues contained in the development permit and operational works decision notice that council may consider important and relevant to the attending parties
  • an opportunity for all attending parties to discuss the development.

Requesting a pre-start meeting

As detailed in the operational works Decision Notice, seven days prior to commencement of construction, notice shall be given to Council's construction engineer to arrange a meeting time. 

The following people are generally required to attend the pre-start meeting include:

  • developer's supervising engineer
  • contractor's engineer/project manager
  • contractor's site supervisor
  • fauna manager.