Plumbing inspections

Plumbing inspections are required at various stages of plumbing work. The responsible person for the work can contact Council to arrange for an inspection on an agreed day. Before making the booking, the Council must receive and record a Form 7 (Notification of responsible person).

In most cases, you can book an inspection for the next day if you make the booking by 12:00 PM the day before. However, times are limited. To effectively manage resources and provide a higher level of customer service, the Council may choose to make the booking within 48 hours. Bookings that give at least 48 hours' notice can be made until 2:00 PM.

Inspection times

Approximate inspection time can be arranged with the Council at the time of the booking for limited inspection types. You will then receive a text message the afternoon before the inspection providing details of the inspection, which includes the plumbing inspector's name and contact number, to assist in the management of the booking on the day.

Inspectors prioritise commercial and multi-residential developments and any drainage inspections. You will be contacted by phone before the arranged inspection time should the inspector be held up and unable to attend the inspection at the agreed time.

Inspection bookings and enquiries can be made by contacting Plumbing services on (07) 3480 6601.

Who needs to be at the inspection?

For Commercial / Multi-Residential Developments:

During any inspection, the plumbing contractor or a licensed employee will be present for the requested inspection. As an exception to this requirement, where the permit is for a duplex, dwelling or dwelling and secondary dwelling, the plumbing contractor or a licensed employee must be present only for a drain and final inspection or if otherwise requested.  

For all other permits:

On occasion, a Council inspector may request assistance with an inspection requiring the plumbing contractor or a licensed employee is to be present for a requested inspection. This applies to all application types and only on request. 

If the inspector does not make a request, the plumbing contractor or a licensed employee must only be present at the time of a drainage inspection or to inspect an underground water service.

Recording variations

Commercial or multi-residential permits:

During construction, the plumbing contractor will have a full set of council-stamped approved hydraulic services plans on-site for all inspections.

Minor variations from the approved design are to be marked on the approved plans by the plumbing contractor before the inspection.

Significant variations from the approved plan will trigger the need to amend the permit, resulting in the submission of a Form 2 (Application to amend a permit including an extension of time).

The inspector will conduct the inspection with the approved plans and then sign and date the approved work on the plans. Should the plumbing contractor not be on site with the complete set of marked-up plans for any inspection, the inspection will be abandoned, and a reinspection fee will apply.

All other permits:

The inspector may record minor variations from the approved design.

Significant variations from the approved plan will trigger the need to amend the permit resulting in the submission of a Form 2 (Application to amend a permit including an extension of time)

Final inspection requirements

Council undertakes to issue Inspection Certificates in a timely manner after conducting a successful final inspection.

For Council to achieve this, the plumbing contractor responsible for the work must ensure several items have occurred prior to a final inspection:

For standard permits involving commercial or multi-residential development:

In addition to the items above, the plumbing contractor responsible for the work is to supply the following documentation on-site at the time of a final inspection:

  • The marked-up approved plans. Council will review and compare these drawings on-site with the as-constructed drawings and will hand back the marked-up drawings to the plumbing contractor
  • One hard copy set of as-constructed plans in the same format and size as the approved plans
  • One electronic copy of the as-constructed plans in a similar format to the approved plans provided  as a PDF on a CD or USB memory stick. The CD or USB memory stick must be labelled: “As-Constructed Hydraulic Services.” Alternatively, an electronic version can be emailed to quoting the application number 24 hours before the inspection
  • The as-constructed plans must comply with Schedule 6 of the Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2019 and be clearly marked "AS-CONSTRUCTED"
    Note: Any as-constructed drawings containing excessive handwritten content, hand drawings or white-out may not be accepted.
  • Where applicable, sub-meter information is to be shown on the as-constructed plans in tabulated format and include:
    • the sub-meter serial number and the description of the unit (e.g. unit number) supplied through the sub-meter
    • the serial number to any equipment attached to the meter
    • the meter size, make and model
    • the location. e.g. one metre on the right-hand side of the driveway
    • the date of completion of the installation of the meters
    • the reading of each meter, including the master meter.

Further information

  • A reinspection fee may apply where an inspection has been booked, the inspector has attended the site, and one of the items mentioned above have not been satisfied.
  • An additional fee may apply if a booking is required after the times specified above.
  • Allow 24 hours for documentation to be recorded with Council, and to become available for assessment by the plumbing inspector. 
  • Be sure to refer to any fact sheet provided with the permit and the conditions of the permit for further information. If you require a copy, contact Council.