Precinct Plan 019 - Town Centre Frame 'C' Precinct

Planning intent

The Planning Intent of the Town Centre Frame is set out in Section 5.2 of the DCP. This Precinct is intended to provide lower density development than other areas within the Town Centre Frame, however, it is expected that the Precinct will provide relatively higher levels of activity than in the more northern Town Centre Frame areas, and lower levels of activity than the Town Centre Core.

It is anticipated that the location of the Precinct, adjacent to major movement corridors, should encourage uses that benefit from high visibility and accessibility. The car-orientated and fast-food outlet uses are expected to be located along the Anzac Avenue and Discovery Drive frontages. However, low-density commercial uses that require accessibility, without requiring the exposure to passing traffic, are expected to occupy the land fronting the proposed secondary access roads. The full range of Town Centre Frame land uses may also be considered if such land uses are compatible with the proposed built form. It is envisaged that commercial, rather than residential uses, be located within this Precinct as some uses proposed within the Precinct may not be compatible with residential amenity.

Land uses are to generally integrate with the Town Centre Core and should be integrated in functional and urban design terms with adjacent Precincts.

Precinct plan

Precinct Plan 019(PDF, 65KB)

FiguresDrawing numberDated
1 - Planning Context(PDF, 172KB)Cyprecinctfig1December 2004
2 - Structure Plan Context(PDF, 219KB)Cyprecinctfig2December 2004
3 - Precinct Plan Map(PDF, 202KB)Cyprecinctfig3December 2004
4 - Landscape Concept Plan(PDF, 2MB)Cyprecinctfig4December 2004
5 - Road Layout(PDF, 166KB)Cyprecinctfig5December 2004
6 - Water Supply Headwork(PDF, 300KB)Cyprecinctfig6December 2004
7 - Sewerage Headworks(PDF, 185KB)Cyprecinctfig7December 2004

Sector Plans

Sector Plan 019-5000(PDF, 2MB)

FiguresDrawing numberDated
1 - Planning Context(PDF, 315KB)CFC5-sectorfig1November 2005
2 - Cadastral Boundaries(PDF, 200KB)CFC5-sectorfig2November 2005
3 - Precinct Plan Map(PDF, 341KB)CFC5-sectorfig3November 2005
4 - Sector Plan Map(PDF, 193KB)CFC5-sectorfig4November 2005
5 - Sector Landscape Plan(PDF, 270KB)CFC5-sectorfig5November 2005
6 - Indicative Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 173KB)CFC5-sectorfig6November 2005
7 - Road Layout(PDF, 214KB)CFC5-sectorfig7November 2005
8 - Water Supply Headworks(PDF, 365KB)CFC5-sectorfig8November 2005
9 - Sewerage Headworks(PDF, 302KB)CFC5-sectorfig9November 2005

Sector Plan 019-8000(PDF, 1MB)

FiguresDrawing numberDated
1 - Planning Context(PDF, 232KB)CFC8-sectorfig1September 2006
2 - Cadastral Boundaries(PDF, 180KB)CFC8-sectorfig2September 2006
3 - Precinct Plan Map(PDF, 264KB)CFC8-sectorfig3September 2006
4 - Sector Plan Map(PDF, 278KB)CFC8-sectorfig4September 2006
5 - Sector Landscape Plan(PDF, 295KB)CFC8-sectorfig5September 2006
6 - Indicative Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 186KB)CFC8-sectorfig6September 2006
7 - Road Layout(PDF, 161KB)CFC8-sectorfig7September 2006
8 - Water Supply Headworks(PDF, 255KB)CFC8-sectorfig8September 2006
9 - Sewerage Headworks(PDF, 225KB)CFC8-sectorfig9September 2006