Next Generation Neighbourhood Precinct review


The Next Generation Neighbourhood Precinct (NGNP) was established as part of the MBRC Planning Scheme, adopted in 2016. The purpose of the NGNP, as described in the General Residential Zone Code reads:

"The Next Generation Neighbourhood Precinct provides the greatest mix of dwelling types to support densities that are moderately higher than traditional suburban areas. Housing forms include detached dwellings on a variety of lot sizes with a greater range of attached dwellings and low to medium rise apartment buildings. These areas will have convenient access to centres, community facilities and higher frequency public transport."

Since its commencement in 2016, amendments of a limited nature were made as part of Tailored Amendment No. 1, commencing on 29 January 2020. Through consultation on the Tailored Amendment No. 1 there were several submissions relating to the NGNP received.

The issues raised in these submissions included concerns the NGNP is not delivering sufficient housing variation; is negatively impacting privacy and security; a reduction in private greenspace; car parking and place identity and local character issues.

In response to this feedback from the community, on 29 October 2019 Council resolved:

“That in response to the community feedback received during this amendment process, Council will undertake the following further bodies of work, noting the outcomes of this work may inform future amendments to the Planning Scheme:

a) a review of Secondary Dwellings and the outcomes being achieved; and
b) a review of the Next Generation neighbourhood Precinct and the outcomes being achieved.”

Note: A review of Secondary Dwellings has also commenced as a separate, but complementary project.


The purpose of the review will be to:

  • review public feedback on community submissions and previous comments relating to the NGNP
  • undertake targeted stakeholder consultation
  • analyse the NGNP outcomes being achieved
  • consider aspects including: urban design, housing diversity and lot size, built form, place making, streetscape, planning and infrastructure issues
  • make recommendations to improve the NGNP, with a diversity of housing types, in the best locations.


The NGNP review is being undertaken by the Strategic Planning and Place Making Department.

The review will be undertaken in the following stages:

Stage 1

Information gathering

Stage 2

Define the issue

Stage 3

Explore options

Stage 4

Findings and recommendations

The review will use the extensive feedback received from the community and industry in 2019 as part of Tailored Amendment No. 1 to the MBRC Planning Scheme. 

The findings and recommendations of the review are anticipated to be presented back to Council in late 2020.


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