Kerbside bins

Bin collectionsCouncil provides a weekly general waste and fortnightly recycling collection service to properties within the defined waste collection area.

Map - designated waste collection areas [PDF 8.7MB]

Collection checklist:

  • Bins must be out by 6.00am on service day
  • Bins are required to be removed back inside the property within 24 hours of the contractor emptying the bins
  • Be clear of any obstacles, including parked cars & trees
  • Lid must close fully (don't overfill the bin)
  • Place items loosely fitting so the bin empties easily
  • Place the correct type of waste into the appropriate bin
  • Be a maximum of 1 metre from the kerb
  • Be a minimum of 1 metre apart
  • Have base handles and wheels facing your property
  • Bins must weigh less than 40kg

Kerbside wheelie bins:

General waste bin

General waste binGeneral waste household bins are serviced WEEKLY.

Only non-hazardous waste materials produced as part of the day to day running of a household are accepted in the waste bin (green or red lidded bins).

All new general waste bins will have a red lid, and any broken lids will be replaced with a red lid and dark green bin base, as Council becomes consistent with national strategies to standardise the colour of bin lids by waste type. The dark green bases contain more recyclable plastic.

What can I put in my general waste bin?

General waste bin acceptable items
Acceptable YES - Accepted Cross NO - Do not include
Non-hazardous waste materials produced as part of the day to day running of a household or small business. Flammable, combustible, liquid or bulky items
To prevent an incident in your neighbourhood, do NOT place flammable, combustible, liquid or bulky items in your wheelie bin. Most household items are accepted from residents at major waste facilities except,
  • EPIRBs must be taken to Battery World.
  • Marine Flares taken to the Redcliffe or local Coastguard:
Construction & demolition waste
(eg. bricks, tiles, cement, gyprock or Asbestos Containing Material)
Hot ashes
Large tree branches
Vehicle batteries
Vehicle motors & parts
Smoke alarms and fire extinguishers [1]
Chemicals [1]
Energy efficient Flourescent light bulbs and tubes [1]
Liquid waste [1]
Oil (motor or domestic) [1]
Regulated waste [1]
  1. Commercial quantities of household hazardous waste are not accepted due to licence conditions. Commercial operators requiring disposal of the waste listed in the 'NO' column are recommended to contact commercial waste contractors for collection services or facilities that accept these items for recycling or disposal.

Disposing of other waste materials, see Council's waste facilities for accepted waste types.

Recycling bin

Recycling binRecyclable waste household bins are serviced FORTNIGHTLY.

Yellow lidded bins are for household recyclable waste items only. These items are then processed into new recyclable containers, bottles, cartons, cardboard and paper products.

Did you know? Contaminated recyclable items affect the entire recyclable truck load and result in all or part of the load being disposed to landfill.

Use 'When are my bins collected?' to find out what day to put your wheelie bins on the kerb in front of your address.

  • Select Download a personalised bin calendar reminder to your computer or device to prompt you on bin night to present your bins for service the next day.
  • Print the current recycling calendar for your fridge by selecting print version."

View a short video on using you household recycling bin service.

Recycling bin checklist:

  • Remove lids & rinse containers in washing up water
    Items that have been contaminated by food or liquids are disposed to landfill
  • Collapse boxes & cartons flat and remove all packaging material
  • Crush plastic bottles and cans to fit more items in your bin
  • Don't smash glass bottles or jars, as small glass pieces cannot be recycled
  • Place items loosely in the recycling bin
    So they can be sorted into their specific waste types
  • No plastic bags! (empty or with contents)
    Items placed in a plastic bag or stuffed inside boxes are NOT recycled. Staff are required under Workplace, Health & Safety guidelines to avoid separating items. The contained items are sent to landfill.

What can I put in my recycling bin?

Recycling bin acceptable items
Accepted YES - Accepted Not acceptable NO - Do not include
Paper (office, newspaper, magazines) Disposable nappies
Cardboard Medical waste, needles and syringes
Liquid paperboard - milk & juice cartons Green waste (vegetation, mulch, grass clippings) and food scraps (see composting)
Aluminium cans, trays & foil Plastic bags and soft plastic items
Steel cans & lids, and empty aerosol cans (remove plastic lids & spray tops) Polystyrene (may be marked with recycling triangle and number 6, but this is not recycled through the household recycling wheelie bin ie coffee cups, meat/packaging trays & packaging foam used for appliances and electronics)
Glass bottles or jars Clothing
Plastic containers & bottles - Recyclable triangle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 (excluding polystyrene foam). Light bulbs
Hazardous chemical containers
Motor oil containers
Ceramics and ovenware
Glass (eg. window or kitchen glassware)
Scrap metal
Recycling bin acceptable items
Accepted YES - Accepted Not acceptable NO - Donate or dispose in general waste bin
Wrapping Paper (paper only, and sticky tape doesn’t need to be removed) Gift wrapping from plastic or foil
Newspaper wrapping for gifts Gift bags with a plastic or fabric coating
Christmas cards and gift tags (paper & cardboard only) Gift ribbons and bows (generally plastic materials)
Christmas crackers (paper & cardboard only. Remove any toys and plastic ribbons) Plastic or foil Christmas Crackers Toys inside Christmas crackers
Homemade paper or cardboard Christmas decorations Christmas decorations and baubles (unless they are paper or cardboard)
Cardboard boxes Christmas lights
Aluminium foil (scrunched into a ball), foil baking trays, and metal cans including empty aerosols Toys
Plastic trays, biscuit trays and plastic punnets (remove plastic wrap) Plastic bags, wrappers or film - a recycled triangle and plastic material number does not guarantee they go in household recycling bins. To recycle soft plastics refer to the Planet Ark website
Plastic trays or punnets for food (remove plastic wrap) Polystyrene cups trays and packaging
Paper/cardboard or plastic plates and cups, paper napkins Most coffee cups (unless you can tear them easily), plastic cutlery, plastic straws. Bamboo or food starch cups, plates and cutlery can be composted
Glass bottles and jars Glass Christmas decorations, drinking glasses, windows, mirrors, or light globe glass

Disposing of other waste materials, see Council's waste facilities for accepted waste types.

How do I recycle other items?

Recycling iconSee recycling at waste facilities for a list of other items you may also be able to recycle (eg. tyres, e-waste, timber, green waste, batteries).

Need a second recycling bin?

If you fill your bin up before the fortnightly collection:

  • Crush the plastic bottles, cans, cartons and make sure all cardboard boxes are collapsed and folded
  • You can order a 2nd household recycling bin by completing a domestic kerbside collection form or commercial kerbside collection form. Note: Tenants require the property owners or agents permission to add a new service to the rates notice.

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