What can I put in my waste and recycling bins?

Some items cannot be placed in your wheelie bins, although they can be disposed of or recycled at Council waste facilities or via other community/retail programs.

What can I put in my recycling bin (yellow lid)?

Items that can be placed in your recycling bin include:

Empty, rinse, or wipe and dry containers and trays before you recycle them. Do not place your recycling in bags, keep it loose so it can be sorted. 

Not all items that have a recycling symbol are safe, easily sorted, or can be reprocessed/recycled through your household recycling bin. Look on the packaging for the Australasian recycling label. This label identifies where packaging can be disposed or recycled.

Knowing what items can go in your recycling bin will ensure you are recycling as much as possible. By recycling packaging, paper, and cardboard materials, you can significantly reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill, benefiting the environment and our community.

To find out how to dispose of these items, search where to recycle or dispose.

Recycling bins are serviced fortnightly. Find your scheduled service day

Items that cannot go in your recycling bin

Do not place these items in your recycling bin: 

  • garden waste
  • food waste
  • disposable paper such as soiled tissues and wipes
  • polystyrene
  • compostable packaging 
  • soft plastics such as plastic bags, chip packets and zip-lock bags
  • medical waste or nappies
  • light bulbs
  • household glass, for example; mirrors, windows or drinking glasses
  • ceramic items, for example; coffee mugs and cookware
  • scrap metal
  • clothing, manchester, curtains, pillows
  • batteries
  • e-waste, including printer cartridges
  • motor oil
  • hazardous materials. 

What can I put in my general waste bin (green or red lid)?

Waste produced through daily household or commercial activities can placed in your general waste bin, this includes compostable packaging or household items.  

Bulky or heavy items that increase the entire bin weight to over 40 kilograms should be brought to a waste management facility for disposal.

Items that cannot go in your general waste bin

  • bricks, rocks, cement
  • building materials
  • motor vehicle parts or large metal objects 
  • hot fire ash (only dispose of cold and double-bagged fire ash)
  • hazardous materials. 

To find out how to dispose of these items, search where to recycle or dispose.

General waste bins are serviced weekly. Find your scheduled service day.

Disposing of hazardous items

Hazardous items cannot be placed in your recycling or general waste bins.

Hazardous items that cannot go in your bins

  • asbestos
  • household power tools, electronic and vehicle batteries
  • rechargeable items
  • electronic devices
  • paints, oils, chemicals, or solvents
  • medical waste
  • gas cylinders
  • tyres
  • smoke alarms
  • fire extinguishers
  • EPIRBs.

You can dispose or recycle hazardous materials at select Council waste facilities. Find where to dispose of these items.

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