Graham Road, Morayfield - Road and intersection upgrade

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Graham Road, Morayfield - Road and intersection upgrade

Council will upgrade Graham Road, Morayfield to a 4-lane cross section between Lomandra Drive and the northern intersection of Hargrave Street. The purpose of this upgrade is to improve safety for all road users and to accommodate future traffic growth.

The upgrade will include:

  • traffic signals at the intersections of Laver Street, Glenwood Drive and Lomandra Drive, including separated turn-lanes and pedestrian activated crossings
  • a 4-lane cross section (two traffic lanes in each direction) for consistency with the remainder of Graham Road
  • on-road bicycle lanes and improved off-road pathways and connections
  • upgrade to the Morayfield East State School car park, including the provision of a pick-up/drop-off zone at the school frontage
  • relocation of the existing school bus stop to Glenwood Drive.

Lomandra Drive intersection ‘Black Spot’

The intersection of Lomandra Drive and Graham Road has been approved for Federal Government funding under their road safety ‘Black Spot’ program. This will include an upgrade to traffic signals, which will also provide pedestrian controlled crossings on all legs of the intersection. In addition to this, Council will undertake pavement rehabilitation and stormwater drainage upgrade works.

The delivery of this ‘Black Spot’ project will occur as part of the Graham Road upgrade over 2021/22, subject to necessary approvals, weather and other onsite conditions.

Graham Road upgrade to four lanes

The Council funded upgrade to a 4-lane cross section, from south of Lomandra Drive to south of Hargrave Street, will include a divided median and intersection upgrades including traffic signals and separated turning and through lanes at the Laver Street and Glenwood Drive intersections. The signals will include pedestrian activated crossings, which will greatly improve pedestrian safety.

The project will also upgrade the existing car park, public transport and pedestrian facilities for Morayfield East State School. The school has been consulted and engaged throughout the project design, including:

  • reconfigured school car park aimed to better manage traffic flow and safety
  • a new ‘Kiss & Go’ zone immediately adjacent to the school’s Graham Road frontage, which will improve the safety and efficiency of the before school drop-off and after school pick-up
  • The new ‘Kiss & Go’ zone requires the existing school bus stop to be relocated to Glenwood Drive, near the existing school gates and school crossing. The existing mini-bus parking will however remain at the Graham Road frontage.


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