Henry Road and Dohles Rocks Road Upgrade, Griffin

Roads project

Council has allocated $12.9 million over two financial years (2020/21 and 2021/22) for the upgrade of Henry Road and Dohles Rocks Road, Griffin. This amount includes an Australian Government contribution of $4 million.

The project extends from approximately 300 metres south of Brays Road on Henry Road to approximately 50 metres east of Silvereye Drive/Bettson Boulevard on Dohles Rocks Road and includes:

  • reconstruction, widening and major improvements to flood immunity of the existing Henry Road and Dohles Rocks Road
  • realignment and signalisation of the intersection of Henry Road/Dohles Rocks Road, including additional turn lanes on all approaches and a signalised pedestrian crossing
  • a new intersection on Henry Road for the future Griffin Sports Complex
  • provision of new pedestrian and cyclist facilities to improve connectivity within the catchment and accessibility to public transport and parklands

While Henry Road and Dohles Rocks Road will retain their existing two-lane cross section, the pavement will be rehabilitated and road shoulders provided to improve safety for all road users. The upgrade works will also make the roads less flood prone and more resilient to flood events.

The intersection of Henry Road and Dohles Rocks Road will be upgraded to cater for the increasing demand resulting from the growing local residential population and the use of nearby facilities, such as the recently upgraded boat ramp and the future Griffin Sports Complex. The traffic signals will regulate the traffic based on demand, thus reducing significantly the delays on Henry Road. Consideration has been given and additional facilities provided to safely facilitate cyclists through the intersection.

The project further includes the construction of a formal school bus stop and a new concrete footpath along the western side of Dohles Rocks Road, which was a missing link within the existing footpath network. Access to the Griffin environmental reserve and the existing trails within the parkland will be available via the new signalised pedestrian crossing at the Dohles Rocks Road/Henry Road intersection.

Ancillary works related to the project include the relocation of key underground services and the provision of landscaping and street lighting.


Construction is scheduled to commence in March/April 2022 and be completed by early 2023, weather permitting. Works will be coordinated with the construction of the Griffin Sports Complex which is due for completion in early 2022.


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