Buchanan Road upgrade

Buchanan Road upgrade artist impression

Council is proposing a major upgrade to Buchanan Road and William Berry Drive between Morayfield Road and the Bruce Highway which is vital to accommodate the region’s projected growth.

This upgrade will:

  • provide needed additional capacity for future traffic demands
  • improve safety for all road users
  • provide a direct and efficient connection between the Bruce Highway and Morayfield 
  • improve flood immunity at Sheepstation Creek
  • provide better and safer active transport links.  

Almost 50 percent of community members told us in the Moreton Says survey that traffic congestion is their top transport concern in the face of the region’s rapid population growth. We also know from the surveys that our communities want to see infrastructure more effectively planned to occur in line with the development of the region and keep up with the people using it.  

Council’s Local Government Infrastructure Plan focuses on providing important infrastructure to support planned growth. The plan identifies the upgrade is required by 2031. The upgrade of Buchanan Road is critically important to keep pace with the planned growth in the Caboolture and Morayfield area.

Funding is being sought from the State and Federal governments to help cover the cost of delivering this critical upgrade.

Key features

The upgrade will likely consist of the following:

  • widening Buchanan Road between Visentin Road and the Bruce Highway to provide two lanes in each direction (four lanes total)
  • a new bridge over the Sunshine Coast railway line connecting Buchanan Road to William Berry Drive
  • widening of William Berry Drive between Morayfield Road and the new bridge to provide two lanes in each direction (four lanes total)
  • a new access road to connect Buchanan Road east of the bridge to the existing underpass and Visentin Road
  • new traffic signals at Leda Boulevard, the realigned Visentin Road access, Kirkcaldy Street, Devine Court, and Graham Road
  • pedestrian and bicycle improvements such as new and improved footpaths and cycle lanes.

View an overview map(PDF, 3MB) of the project.

Current Status

Early planning for the project is underway which will support future engagement with the community and key stakeholders (such as the State Government) as the project progresses.

Project funding

The estimated cost to deliver the project is approximately $185 million. 

Council is seeking funding from the State and Federal governments to help cover the cost of delivering this critical upgrade. 


Buchanan Road and William Berry Drive, Morayfield 4506  View map

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Council is committed to keeping the community informed and working closely with impacted residents as planning for the project progresses.

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Council is listening to our communities and doing more to plan for our region's future growth.

This project is one of several transport infrastructure improvements being investigated to ensure the transport network provides for the needs of our communities both now and into the future. For more information on the projects planned in Morayfield and surrounds view our Spotlight on Morayfield brochure(PDF, 3MB).