MB+ Customer Service Initiatives

The Planning and Economic Development Division is committed to implementing a fully integrated multidisciplinary service delivery model that exceeds your expectations. We are therefore proud to launch our MB+  Customer Service Initiative aligning our products and services to our customers’ expectations.

This commitment commenced in 2015 with an inaugural customer survey and we have continued to survey and seek feedback in 2016 and early 2017. The 2015 feedback informed a range of new MB+ initiatives that over the course of 2016 were implemented to respond directly to what we heard our customers wanted, and published in our Customer Survey Newsletter and Customer Commitment Report 1 [PDF 1.1MB].

As a result of the 2016 and early 2017 survey findings, the Planning and Economic Development Division have been working to develop our new structure which was implemented 5 June 2017. Our new team structure is outlined in the recent Customer Newsletter [PDF 1.6MB] and supported by an Interactive Map.

In addition to the multidisciplinary geographic teams, we are very excited to be introducing a first for a local government in Australia, an Innovation stream to continue to drive new initiatives, data analytics, performance monitoring, and ePlanning through our mb+ program.

We are excited and proud to stand by our commitment to our customers and continue to look for ways to improve our service delivery.

Customer Service Charter [PDF 300KB]

Developed in response to customer feedback in an effort to continually improve overall customer satisfaction levels by measuring and being accountable for our performance. The benchmarks will continually evolve year on year as performance objectives are achieved and in response to ongoing customer feedback.

Annual Customer Service Survey and Commitment Report

Providing our customers with an annual survey opportunity to provide feedback on our performance. Our Commitment Report then measures our performance against our Customer Service Charter key performance indicators twice a year.

Online link so you can provide real time updates of our performance against the customer service objectives contained in the Charter.

Development Services Initiatives

Over the 2016 year we have introduced a number of  MB+ initiatives to improve communication, access, certainty, and transparency. These include:

  1. Better communication standards
  2. Third Party Certification for Plan Sealing and Operational Works
    1. List of Accredited Consultants
  3. Simplified Fees & Charges
  4. Pre-lodgement Evolution
  5. Electronic Development Application Lodgement
  6. Online Fee Calculator

Strategic Planning Initiatives

The Strategic Planning Department is consistently refining and improving its programs which include but not limited to:

  1. Maintaining a contemporary Planning Scheme including rolling Planning Scheme Amendments
  2. Establishment of an Industry Reference Group
  3. Launch of the Open Data Portal
  4. Introduction of Map Challenge Process
  5. Moreton Bay Regional Council Land Supply Monitoring Program

Economic Development & Events Initiatives

Economic Development and Events program have a number of new initiatives underway which include:

  1. Economic Development Action Plan
  2. Redcliffe Peninsula Foreshore Masterplan and Activation Strategy
  3. Incentivising Infill Development
  4. Moreton Bay Business Excellence Awards

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