Bin collections

Residents are required to:

  • place bins out for collection before 6:00 AM on collection day.
  • return bins to their property as soon as practical after collection. Fines may apply if you do not have an acceptable reason for not returning your bins to your property.
  • ensure bins are kept clean, tidy and free of any graffiti.
  • report damaged, stolen, broken and unserviceable bins for replacement.

Missed bin collection

Waste collections occur between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM on the day of service. A service is not considered 'missed' until after 6:00 PM. Collections occur as scheduled on public holidays.

If your bin isn't emptied as scheduled, contact council within 2 working days (from the day of service) of a missed bin. Missed bins reported outside the 2 working day timeframe may incur a late collection fee.

Reasons why your bin may have been missed include:

  • bin overfull
  • maybe too heavy
  • contamination with unaccepted items*.

* A bin sticker will be placed on a bin that has not been accepted for collection. Search for the item listed on the sticker for advice on where can I dispose or recycle?.

Waste collection vehicles may be delayed by road closures or traffic congestion, mechanical fault, etc. Do not rely on a set collection time for your address.

If you believe your bin service has been missed, report the missed collection to council.

Damaged or stolen bins

Council will repair or replace damaged or stolen wheelie bins. The property owner, managing agent or resident may request that broken wheelie bin parts be repaired or a stolen bin replaced.

  1. Contact Council to have your bin repaired or replaced.
  2. Advise if you are the property owner or tenant, plus the size of the wheelie bin or bulk bin.
  3. Put the bin outside the property on the footpath (contractors cannot carry out repairs inside or on private property).
  4. Leave the bin on the footpath until repaired or replaced.
  5. Continue to use the bin while it is waiting for repair.

Bins are generally repaired or replaced within 2 working days of the request following your waste or recycling collection service day.

New bin service

If you have recently finished building your new residential property and are about to move in, check if you have a wheelie bin collection service available. Note: New bins will only be delivered to occupied properties.

Order your household wheelie bins

Council provides bin collection to most of the region as per the defined waste collection area(PDF, 11MB)

If access to your property is restricted, a member of Council's waste services team and the waste contractor will assess your request. If a collection service is unable to be provided, household waste and recyclables need to be taken to your local transfer station. In this case, Council will only charge the minimum waste management utility charge applicable to your property. 

The minimum waste management utility charge allows residents to dispose of household waste, recyclables and green waste free of charge at Council's waste management facilities and contributes towards the costs associated with:

  • administration of waste and recycling contracts
  • operation and maintenance of waste from transfer stations
  • interest and redemption of capital works
  • transport of waste from transfer stations to landfill for disposal
  • construction and development of waste disposal facilities
  • purchase of future waste disposal sites
  • supervision and operation of landfills to ensure compliance with the Environmental Protection Act 1994
  • implementation of waste minimisation and environmental protection strategies
  • collection of roadside litter and illegal dumping
  • supply and service of street litter bins.

For more information please refer to Council's revenue policy and revenue statement. 

Request larger or additional bins

Refer to the fees and charges for the annual cost of the different sized pairs of wheelie bins. 

Moreton Bay bin sizes

Type Residential Multi-residential Multi-residential with Commercial Commercial
General waste wheelie bin 140 or 240 litre 140 or 240 litre 140 or 240 litre 140 or 240 litre
Co-mingled recycling wheelie bin 140, 240 or 360 litre 140, 240 or 360 litre 140, 240 or 360 litre 140, 240 or 360 litre
General waste bulk bin not available 1100 litre or
1.5, 3 and 4.5 cubic metres *
1100 litre or
1.5, 3 and 4.5 cubic metres *
not available
Co-mingled recycling bulk bin not available 1100 litre or
1.5, 3 and 4.5 cubic metres *
1100 litre or
1.5, 3 and 4.5 cubic metres *
not available

* Dependent on a number of conditions. Multi-residential and Multi-residential with commercial will have their bin services determined during Development Application stage.

Alternatively, you can request additional bins or additional services (conditions and fees apply).

Permanent arrangement

To apply for a permanent Council waste collection service, complete one of the below forms or contact Council. Fees apply.

Temporary arrangement (including extra one-off collections)

Contact Council to request additional bins or services. Fees apply and are payable at time of request. 

Infirmed collection

Council provides bin collection assistance to infirmed residents with significant mobility issues where no other able-bodied person lives at the address and it is safe for the waste collection contractor to do so.

Complete the Infirmed collection application(PDF, 121KB) to apply for bin collection assistance.

Bins for events

Events in parks, beaches, shopping precincts and local public spaces put extra demand on Council's public general waste and recycling bins.

As the event organiser, you may need to provide additional bins that can be organised by contacting Council.

Follow the guidelines below to reduce waste and increase recycling at your event, especially near coastal and waterway locations:

  • require stallholders to avoid plastic straws and use alternative beverage containers or paper straws (Council implemented plastic straw free venues and events in 2018)
  • require stallholders and vendors to use recyclable or organic biodegradable materials to package take away food or other products
  • prevent use of polystyrene, soft plastic bags, wrappers or film
  • avoid items that are individually wrapped in plastic bags, including promotional merchandise
  • ensure general waste and recycling bins are side by side with general waste bin closest to food vendors
  • never place a recycling bin on its own as it will become contaminated
  • promote responsible recycling at your event through programs, staff, stallholders and entertainers.