Moreton Army

Moreton Army

After tireless work from volunteers, our partners at Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) and Council crews, the Moreton Army is being stood down. The Army will continue to process the outstanding requests until the weekend of Saturday 12 March.

The Army in partnership with DRA has answered 270 requests for help and assisted at more than 100 properties by removing damaged furniture, carpets and debris. They helped inside and outside homes and gardens in the most affected parts of our region.

Almost 300 volunteers were deployed and Council thanks them for their amazing work helping out the Moreton Bay community.

Residents can still help in the community by checking in with their family and neighbours, contacting their local community groups or registering with Volunteering Queensland

Assistance is available for residents and community organisations affected by recent severe weather and flooding. Find out more by visiting Support and financial assistance.

Flood affected residents can still take their waste to our waste facilities for free with no load limits.