Precinct Plan 008 - Town Centre Frame 'A' Precinct

Planning intent

The town centre frame is intended to provide support facilities and services to the town centre core, and to provide a transition between the town centre core and the MIBA and urban residential areas. The town centre frame will accommodate higher levels of activity than the surrounding land use elements but a slightly lower level of activity than the town centre core. This differentiation will be reflected in the spatial arrangement, type and intensity of land uses and the physical form of development. The overall emphasis in the development of the town centre frame is to be upon flexibility, accessibility and integration of activity and the built form with the town centre core, transport system, open space and the path network.

Precinct plan

Precinct Plan 008(PDF, 124KB)

FiguresDrawing numberDated
1 - Location Plan(PDF, 317KB)TCFA-PP-F01August 2001
2 - Structure Plan Context(PDF, 213KB)TCFA-PP-F02August 2001
3 - Context and Concept Principles(PDF, 271KB)TCFA-PP-F03September 2001
4 - Precinct Plan Map(PDF, 210KB)TCFA-PP-F04September 2001
5 - Principles Plan(PDF, 200KB)TCFA-PP-F05September 2001
6 - Landscape Concept Plan(PDF, 323KB)TCFA-PP-F06September 2001
7 - Road Layout Plan(PDF, 163KB)TCFA-PP-F07August 2001
8 - Water Supply Headworks(PDF, 206KB)TCFA-PP-F08August 2001
9 - Sewerage Headworks(PDF, 214KB)TCFA-PP-F09August 2001