Planning scheme maps

The MBRC Planning Scheme includes PDF maps that show where the provisions of the planning scheme apply across the region. The Planning Scheme PDF maps are based on cadastral (property) boundary information from 2016. Any changes to property boundaries that have occurred since 2016 will not be visible on the Planning Scheme PDF maps.

View the Planning Scheme PDF maps.

The maps can be viewed as interactive maps, which allow you to search a property and navigate the maps, change scales and move around the region. The interactive maps are regularly updated based on the most recent cadastral (property) boundary information and therefore some of the information may not be consistent with the Planning Scheme PDF maps. Where there is an inconsistency between the interactive maps and the Planning Scheme PDF maps, the Planning Scheme PDF maps prevail.

You can also view the Planning Scheme maps that affect a particular property by using My Property Look Up.

Amendments were made to some Planning Scheme maps as part of Tailored Amendment No. 1 and Planning Scheme Policies Major Amendment No.1. The changes in both amendments were adopted on 12 December 2019 and came into effect on 29 January 2020.

View superseded and historical versions of Planning Scheme maps.

Interactive maps

Mapping data

Datasets for the MBRC Planning Scheme can be freely downloaded in a variety of formats via Council's Datahub.

Planning Scheme PDF maps

Strategic Framework maps

Zone map

Local plan detail maps

Overlay maps


Local Government Infrastructure Plan maps

Mapping change request

Council has endeavoured to ensure that the overlay mapping included in the planning scheme is accurate. However, if you believe the overlay mapping displayed in the planning scheme requires review, you can make a submission to Council.

Request for mapping change

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