Flood information

Floodplains are areas that adjoin creeks, rivers or coastlines and include the footprint of all adjoining land that could experience inundation during a flood. Do the following flood checks to understand more about flooding in your area.

Flood Check reports

Flood check reports are available for free download for all properties within the Moreton Bay Region. There are two types of reports available relating to either existing flooding conditions or for development purposes.

Flood Check Property Report 

Flood Check Property Reports describe the existing flooding conditions that have been identified for a given property. These reports can prove beneficial when preparing a flood emergency plan or applying for flood insurance. Please note: the Flood Check Property Reports are best suited for use well before an actual flooding event and may not be available during an event. 

Flood Check Development Report 

For anyone proposing new building and/or development works you are encouraged to read the planning scheme, together with a free Flood Check Development Report. These reports provide information for property owners and potential developers, to help understand the flood related requirements of Moreton Bay Regional Council's Planning Scheme. 

Suburb flood maps

Council has compiled maps showing areas of potential flood inundation for each suburb within the region.

MBRC Planning Scheme

The Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme commenced on 1 February 2016. The planning scheme includes a new region-wide approach to flood risk management including risk maps and associated planning and development controls to manage exposure to flooding. For anyone proposing development you are encouraged to read the planning scheme together with a Flood Check Development Report.

Fact sheets

Find out more about flooding and how to interpret and understand flood reports and maps.

Preparing for floods

Floods can cause damage to your property and threaten your safety. Find out how to prepare for a flood emergency here:

Flood publications and digital data

Council holds a number of flood study and investigation reports that provide documentation of the process used to identify the region's floodplains. Digital data packages are also available.

Share your flood data

Council is always interested in your flood data. Photos and evidence of major flood events in our region will allow Council to verify and improve our flood predictions and improve the safety of our floodplains.

Further information

Other agencies with useful flood information:

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