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The North Pine dam is located in the Moreton Bay region.

The dam is operated by Seqwater in accordance with the Manual of Operations Procedures for Flood Mitigation.

Seqwater is responsible for providing advice about possible, probable and definite releases from North Pine dam, to the community, Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Helpful dam release information resources:

Seqwater (dam releases)

The latest dam outflow information is available on the Seqwater website or from the Water Grid Release Information Hotline on 1800 613 122.

Bureau of Meteorology (river levels)

River levels and conditions are monitored by the Bureau of Meteorology

Local road conditions

Local road conditions information is regularly updated and available from Council, see road conditions report.

Further road conditions advice may be available from:

  • Department of Transport & Main Roads (TMR)
    Road condition advice is available from the Department of Transport and Main Roads via their traffic and travel information website or 13 19 40 hotline.
  • RACQ
    The Department of Transport and Main Roads also provides regular road condition updates to RACQ which is available via the RACQ website or their 1300 130 595 hotline.

Disaster preparedness

Disaster management has advice about how you can prepare for storm season.

In the event of heavy rainfall, severe storms and flooding, you should monitor weather warnings issued from the Bureau of Meteorologyand check local road conditions.

Locate your battery-operated radio and tune into 101.5 FM, 99.7 FM or ABC 612 AM for updates on the situation.

Flood mapping

Region-wide flood maps are now available. Flood mapping data currently includes potential storm tide impacts or potential inundation of ground surface during a '1 in 100 year' flood.


Council encourages local residents to register with MoretonAlert, a system that can provide alert messages to registered users via text, voice message or e-mail.

Moreton Alert may provide warnings about possible major dam releases and flood conditions within the region. Alerts are risk-based, and relate to the registered property.

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