General complaints process

Council has established a policy and framework for dealing with and resolving administrative action complaints.  These documents have been developed to provide consistency and fairness when dealing with relevant matters with a focus on promoting:  

  • A fair, efficient and consistent treatment of complaints about the administrative actions of the Council
  • Detection and rectification of administrative errors
  • Identification of administrative practices which could be improved by the Council
  • A greater awareness of the complaints process by the Council's staff and the community
  • Enhancement of the community's confidence in the Council's complaints process
  • Building the capacity of staff to effectively manage complaints and foster an attitude of continuous improvement.

Complaints that fall under the terms of the Administrative Action Complaints Policy must be actioned in accordance with this policy and should be forwarded to the Manager Executive Services for co-ordination of the investigations of these complaints.  The Manager Executive Services can be contacted on (07) 3205 0555.

How to lodge a complaint

A complaint may be made:

Written and electronic received complaints should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 

How long will it take

In general terms, Council will endeavour to have the following time frames met when dealing with a complaint:

  • Urgent matters - within seven (7) business days
  • Non-urgent, internally investigated complaints
    Where complaint is not considered to be complex, within twenty-five (25) business days
  • Complex complaints or externally investigated complaints
    Within forty-five (45) business days

The time frame for dealing with a complaint is measured from the date of receipt of a complaint to the date that the complainant is informed of the decision on the complaint.

If you require further information, please contact Council.

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