Council provides a range of cemetery services to assist in remembering friends and family members who have passed away. Burial or placement of ashes in a cemetery provides a way of remembering the person who has departed in an environment of tranquility, serenity and beauty. 

Council operates eight cemeteries and one memorial garden catering for burials and ashes placement. Each cemetery has its own character, local influences and distinctive landscapes.

The grounds of all cemeteries are regularly maintained by Council to ensure all sites are of a high standard. Cemeteries are upgraded as required.

Council appreciates that visitors to the cemetery may wish to place items in remembrance of loved ones. The following guidelines have been adopted for the placement of items on gravesites. Visitors to the cemeteries should ensure that any items are placed in accordance with these guidelines [PDF 145KB].


With limited space available in a number of cemeteries, Council has placed some restrictions on burials in the region. To be eligible for a reservation or interment of a gravesite, a person must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a current resident of the region; or
  2. Have a continuing family residence in the region (to first cousin); or
  3. Be a past resident of the region, having lived in the region for a minimum of 7 years; or
  4. Have a first degree kinship with a person already interred in a cemetery.

These restrictions do not apply to ashes placements (except in a gravesite) or to trust-run cemeteries (Mount Mee, Woodford and Upper Caboolture).

Cemeteries at Lawnton and Caboolture have no space available for new graves, but existing graves are able to be reopened with approval from the burial rights holder.

View the Moreton Bay Region cemeteries policy.

Search records

Search Council’s database to find the records of people interred at cemeteries and memorial gardens in the region. If you require any assistance in finding the exact location of a gravesite or niche, please do not hesitate to contact council.  

What happens when someone passes away?

When someone has passed away and the family wishes the deceased to be buried, the funeral director will contact Council to make all necessary arrangements. The funeral director will book a date for the burial that is suitable to all parties. There are several burial options available at Council’s cemeteries.

Burials can be provided from Monday to Friday (excluding the Christmas period and public holidays) at 10.00am, 11.15am, 12.30pm, 1.45pm or 3.00pm. Burial times are subject to availability. Most new graves can be dug to a depth that will accommodate 3 burials. Ashes can also be placed within a grave site.

On the day of the burial, Council will set up the grave site with a lowering device (for lowering of the coffin), carpets, chairs and a shade canopy. Council’s friendly staff will set the grave site up to a high standard of presentation, and will be happy to assist in any way possible.

In the weeks following a burial, Council will contact you to arrange for a plaque to be made. The cost of a standard bronze plaque is included in burial fees, which are paid through your funeral director.

If your loved one has chosen to be cremated, when you are ready, please contact Council to discuss ashes placement. Council’s cemeteries allow for ashes to be placed in a variety of columbarium walls, memorial gardens, gravesites and other appropriate settings. The cost of a standard bronze plaque is included in ashes placement fees.

Frequently asked questions

View frequently asked questions.

Contact us

Council realises that most people are unfamiliar with the processes involved with cemetery services. The cemeteries team are available to answer any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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