Beachmere dog on-leash beach area

Dogs may be exercised on leash from the southern end of Biggs Avenue to opposite the end of Louise Drive, Beachmere Beach.

Horses are permitted on Beachmere Beach between Louise Drive and Falcon Street.

Dog on and off leash exercise areas in Beachmere
  • Red zone - Dogs prohibited in mangroves and estuary
    Owners should be aware that dogs are prohibited from entering the environmentally sensitive Beachmere South Reserve including the mangroves and estuary.
  • Green zone - Dog off leash area
    The foreshore south of Biggs Avenue and the adjacent to the Beachmere South Reserve. Dogs are allowed on the signed parkland and beach only.
  • Blue Zone - Dog on-leash area
    Biggs Avenue to Falcon Street
  • Brown Zone - Dog on-leash and horse area
    This area permits horses and dogs on-leash north of Falcon Street.