Research partnerships

Council contributes to scientific research with universities, community groups and government agencies on issues affecting the environment.

The first column includes the name of the research program to which Council contributes. The second column gives a brief project overview and who Council is partnering with for each of the projects. The final column includes an image relating to the project with a caption.

Council research program Who Council is partnering with  
Koala Chlamydia Vaccine Research

Council is a foundation funding partner with the University of the Sunshine Coast. 

The project aims to trial the use of naturally occurring dwarf koala food and habitat trees in landscaped urban environments across the region.

Urban Koala Project

University of the Sunshine Coast and the Queensland Government.

The project aims to trial the use of naturally occurring dwarf gum koala food trees in landscaped urban environments across the region.

Mt Beerwah Mallee
Mt Beerwah Mallee (Eucalyptus kabiana)
Glossy Black Conservancy

The Glossy Black Conservancy, a collaboration between government, community groups and business to manage and conserve glossy black cockatoo across south east Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Glossy black cockatoo
Glossy black cockatoo (Image by Michaela Sherwood)
Urban habitation in Australian flying foxes

Western Sydney University, Griffith University and Montana State University.

The study will focus on developing an understanding of population dynamics, roosting preferences, foraging behaviours and health of urban flying foxes.

Black Flying Fox One
Black flying fox feeding on a silky oak (Grevillea robusta)
Powerful Owl Project

Bird Life Southern Queensland.

The project will involve surveying locations within the region for the presence of powerful owls, and monitoring nest sites and breeding success.
Powerful Owl
Powerful owl (Image by Neil Anderton)
Greater Glider Project

The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (WPSQ) and the Queensland Glider Network (QGN).

Council is installing and monitoring nest boxes within Sheep Station Creek Conservation Park. The project aims to understand nest box preferences of Greater Gliders. 

Nest Boxes
Installation of next boxes within Sheep Station Creek Conservation Park
Shorebird Research Project

Queensland Wader Study Group (QWSG)

Council collaborates with the QWSG on shorebird counts, workshops and educational material.

Grey Tailed Tattlers
Grey tailed tattlers, Scarborough
Alternative management of little red flying fox roosts

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science.

Little red flying foxes are a nomadic species, known to occur within the region typically in the summer months, and sometimes in very high numbers. Council is supporting this research by providing historic and current roosting data on little red flying foxes.

Red Flying Fox
Seasonal visit from little red flying foxes Caboolture
Cane Toad Challenge

University of Queensland.

Council is aiding by running field trials within the region.

Cane Toad
Successful deployment of a cane toad tadpole trap within the region