Teacher guide and workbooks: Moreton Bay disaster preparedness course

Bushfire smoke around a fire truck

The disaster preparedness course is designed as an accessible resource. Structured to build an understanding of the importance of preparing for a disaster, how best to respond during a disaster, and what services or resources may assist a person or family to recover after a disaster.

Workbooks are developed as one-hour lessons, supported by a comprehensive teacher guide.

Course content, required skills, and knowledge align, generally, to Level 1 of the Australian Core Skills Framework.

Who would benefit from this course?

The course is designed to be delivered by teachers and tutors working with a range of students, including those with limited or no English, low levels of literacy and possibly primary school students.

Teacher guide and lesson workbooks

These workbooks are fillable PDF's which can be downloaded and completed on your computer or you can print them.

Lessons 1 and 2 must be completed first in order to set the foundation of understanding.

Lesson 9 - Heatwaves is highly recommended before summer due to the large number of people impacted each year in Queensland and across Australia.

Information sheets

Once you have completed the course

Council would appreciate your feedback which will inform the effectiveness of these resources at helping people prepare for, respond to and recover from, the impacts of natural disasters within our region.

Complete the participant's course evaluation

Complete the teacher's course evaluation

Disaster preparedness course developed in partnership with Get Ready Queensland