Food and agribusiness

Food and Agribusiness

Boasting an established clean and green agribusiness industry, the Moreton Bay Region provides farmers, exporters, processors, retailers, and chefs the ideal destination to succeed in this vibrant and growing industry.

The Moreton Bay Region’s access to major transport and infrastructure, combined with rich soils and a sub-tropical climate has contributed to the region’s thriving $846 million agricultural industry, with agricultural exports valued at around $420 million.

In the Moreton Bay Region you’ll find:

  • The largest strawberry producing area in Australia.
  • A $110 million berry fruits industry.
  • One third of Australia's strawberries by weight.
  • Over one quarter of Australia's pineapple crop. 
  • Queensland's only aquaculture research facility supporting CSIRO, DAF and University of the Sunshine Coast research projects.
  • A sustainable future through the Wamuran Irrigation Scheme.
  • Emerging agriculture trends like finger lime producers.
  • Enabled agri-tech through the high-speed National Broadband Network.
  • Production of more than 1,074 tonnes of macadamia nuts per year.
  • Production of more than 441 tonnes of avocados per year.