Caboolture centre revitalisation market sounding

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Moreton Bay is being reimagined. Council’s vision of a polycentric city is taking shape as we seek to kick-start the evolution of key areas. Supporting our centres for what makes them special will help us create a fair city. This ensures everyone has equal access to housing, jobs, and activities.

One of Moreton Bay’s larger key areas is Caboolture (Kabultur). It is currently the only Principal Regional Activity Centre. Caboolture is home to many amazing spaces, such as the Caboolture River and Centenary Lakes. These spaces are the key ingredients needed to precipitate regeneration. 

Reimagining Caboolture as a modern urban town, by enriching the local area, will benefit residents and attract visitors. Council's original Master Plan will provide a solid foundation and will be used to inform the revitalisation of Caboolture.  

To succeed at revitalisation, Council recognises the need for market input to help inform our decision-making.

One option being considered is for Council to seek a partnership to help revitalise the centre. This will achieve greater value from planned expenditure in Caboolture.

 For more information, refer to the Reimagining Caboolture Centre Strategy(PDF, 3MB).   

Purpose of the market sounding

The purpose is to gauge market interest in the revitalisation of the Caboolture centre. This will be in partnership with Council before the release of any later formal Expression of Interest. 

Council invites any company or consortia that has delivered mixed-use projects as a master developer to take part. 

We encourage respondents to provide an overview of their past projects that are similar in size and context to the Caboolture centre. 

Participate in the market sounding

Council is conducting a market sounding relating to the revitalisation of Caboolture to help inform our actions. 

The market sounding will close at 5:00 PM, Wednesday, 27 September 2023.

To participate in the market sounding email and request a copy of the Information Memorandum.

For more information contact: