Your rates notice explained

Image one - An example of the front of your rates notice. There are 8 items identified on the notice which are outlined below in order of one through to eight.

An example of the front page of your rate notice.

Image two - Example of the back of your rates notice - there are two items identified numbered 9 and 10 which are outlined below

An example of the back page of your rate notice.

  1. Name and address
  2. Rates billing period
  3. Property details
  4. Property valuation
  5. Rating category
  6. Rate notice overview
  7. Manage your account online
  8. Payment options
  9. Recent transactions
  10. Breakdown of fees and charges

Name and address

The name and postal address of the property owner/s. Have you changed your postal address? Update your details.

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Rates billing period

This is the rates billing period for this rate notice.

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Property details

The property details. Have the property number handy when contacting Council about your rate notice.

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Property valuation

The property valuation which is issued by the Department of Resources. Council uses this valuation to calculate your general rate.

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Rating category

The rating category allocated to your property. Council uses differential rating which means that the general rates charged are different for each land type and use.

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Rate notice overview

A summary of your rate charges, including the amount of your previous notice, the total of payments received, the balance brought forward, the new fees and charges and the total amount owing as outlined:

  • Issue date is the official date the rate notice was issued.
  • Your last bill is the total due from the previous quarter.
  • Payments/adjustments are a total of all activity that has occurred since the previous notice (see item 9 for detailed activity transaction listing).
  • Opening balance is the amount outstanding from the previous quarter.
  • New rates and charges for this quarter (see item 10 for a detailed breakdown of these charges).
  • Total due is the balance outstanding and due for payment.
  • Due date is when your rates are due to be paid. If you are having trouble paying your rates, please contact Council before your rates become overdue and accrue interest.

See what payment options are available.

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Manage your account online

Manage your account online - a secure gateway to some of Council’s services such as access to view or pay your rates account, set up a flexible payment plan or sign up to receive your rate notice via email.

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Payment options

All the ways you can make payment.

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Recent transactions

A list of any transactions that have occurred on your account since the last rate notice was issued.

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Breakdown of fees and charges

A detailed breakdown of the Council and State Government charges that apply to your property.

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