Pay your rates


Step 1.Have your payment reference number handy

Located under the Easy ways to pay - Online section of your notice. 

See example below.


Step 2.Choose one of the following payment options

Online via Credit Card

The outstanding balance is returned upon entering your reference number.

Pay now


Internet banking Biller Code: 339457

Direct Debit (flexible payment plan) 

New customers can set up a flexible payment schedule with Payble via the tab above.

Customers who set up direct debit prior to 11 July 2023: 

Direct Debit schedule 2023/24 - Quarter 4

 Fortnightly schedules   Monthly schedules  Quarterly payment
Thursday 4 April Monday 15 April Friday 10 May
Thursday18 April Friday 10 May (Pre-paid Monthly only)  
Thursday 2 May Wednesday 15 May  
Friday 10 May (Pre-paid fortnightly only) Saturday 15 June (Or the next business day depending on your financial institution.)  
Thursday 16 May    
Thursday 30 May    
 Thursday 13 June    
Thursday 27 June    

Complete a request to amend or cancel an existing arrangement.

By phone

Step 1.Have your Customer Reference Number handy

Located under the Easy ways to Pay - Phone section of your notice.  

See example below.

Example of ways to pay your rates.png

Step 2.Call

(07) 3480 6349

In person

Step 1.Take your rate notice

Step 2.Visit one of the following

Flexible payment plans

Payble allows you to set up flexible payment plans that can be direct debited on a schedule that works for you.

Step 1.Register for Payble

Visit to create a free Payble account. Enter your mobile number and follow the SMS instructions to verify your identity. You will need to have your property number and payment reference handy to complete the setup. These can be located on your rate notice.

Step 2.Choose your payment request

Choose to pay in full or set up a flexible direct debit payment schedule that suits you.

Interest may be charged if your balance is not paid in full by the due date.

Step 3.Make sure you have funds available

Sufficient funds must be available at the time your account is debited. Funds will be deducted from your nominated account on the schedule you have set up in your Payble account.

Your bank may charge a fee if there are insufficient funds to complete a payment.

Step 4.After you apply

You will receive SMS reminders for payments before they are processed.

You can check the balance owing at any time, and you will receive a notification once your rates have been completely paid.

If your bank account or card details change, you can update your details via your Payble account.

Skip your next payment if you are unable to make it. We will auto re-balance your payment schedule so that you will never be overdue.

Cancel a payment or make additional payments

You can cancel a payment or make additional payments via your Payble account at any time.

  • If you choose to cancel a payment, Payble will automatically adjust your payment schedule based on the amounts due.
  • If a payment is missed due to insufficient funds in your account, you can choose to make a lump sum payment or spread the amount owing across future payments.
  • If you make an additional payment, Payble will adjust your payment schedule to reflect the additional payment.

You will be notified of any changes via SMS and through your Payble account.

Do not hesitate to contact Council on 1300 522 192 if you have difficulty paying your rates on time.

Check rates balance

To check rates balance online:

  • Sign in to MBRC Online Services (Instructions)
  • Go to 'My Account'
  • Your outstanding balance will be listed under 'Outstanding Transactions'.

Contact Council for a copy of your rate notice.