Receive your rate notice electronically


Rate payers can choose to receive their rate notice via email.  It is easy and convenient and provides links to flexible online payment options and, if a mobile number is provided, SMS reminders when applicable.

Step 1.Have your rate notice handy

You will need your most recent rate notice with you when you register as well as the first name on the rates notice, e.g.

  • Mr A Smith   or
  • Smith Enterprises Pty Ltd

Step 2.Register for email

Register now

Read the email rate notice terms and conditions.

To change your registered email address, you will need to re-register your property with your new email address.  Once verified this new registration will supersede any previous.

View frequently asked questions for additional information, or contact Council.


You can receive your rates notice online through your internet banking provider using BPAY View.

Step 1.Contact your financial institution

To activate BPAY View you will need to register for internet banking with your financial institution.

Step 2.Register for BPAY View

You will need the following from your rates notice:

  • Biller Code: 7062
  • Customer Reference Number (located on the bottom left hand corner of your rates notice)
  • Name on Bill:You will need to enter your name EXACTLY as shown on your rate notice, e.g. 
    • Mr Ian R Smith and Mrs Lee M Smith     or
    • ABC Pty Ltd

Then follow the steps to receive your rates notice online.

Step 3.Receiving your rate notice

Once registered, when you log into your internet banking, your rate notice will be available for you to view and pay.

It is your responsibility to be aware that your rates notice is available and due for payment.

Frequently asked questions


How do I change my registered email address?

Re-register your property with your new email address. Once verified this new registration will supersede any previous.

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Why did I receive an SMS?

If you have provided a valid Australian mobile phone number, Council will send an SMS to advise that we could not send you an email or that you have not verified your email address to complete registration. Your rate notice delivery method will remain unchanged until you have successfully registered.

Council will also send SMS's as a courtesy that rate notices have been issued or that payment is due.

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I have sold my property. How do I stop getting emails?

Council is advised of property ownership by the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy. We will update contact details as these changes come through.

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I've just bought a property and haven't got a Rates Assessment Number. How can I receive my rate notice electronically?

Once property ownership details have been received and updated by Council (refer above), you will receive a letter from Council that has the information required to register to eMBRC. 

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I recently signed up for electronic notices. Why did my notice arrive through my old method?

This will depend on the timing of your registration for electronic notices. We will not change your method of delivery during the rates generation process.

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Why didn't I receive my confirmation email / electronic rate notice?

Please check your junk email / spam folder settings and confirm "not junk" which will allow future messages to be successfully delivered. In some situations technical settings or problems (e.g. full mailbox, incorrect email) with your email account may reject our emails. Please rectify the issue if possible and register again or register with a different email account.

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What will my email address / phone number be used for?

You will receive official Council messages, including your electronic Rates notice and reminders.

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How do I change to another communication method (BPAY View or post)?

Council offers many different ways to receive your Rates notice. Signing up for BPAYView will automatically cancel your email delivery of rates notices. If you would like to receive your rates notices by post (Australia Post), submit a request.

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