Precinct Plan 020 - Town Centre Frame 'D' Precinct

Planning intent

The Planning Intent for the Town Centre Frame is set out in Section 5.2 of the DCP. This Precinct is intended to provide higher density development than in other areas of the Town Centre Frame, but lower levels of activity than the Town Centre Core.The Precinct is located in a functionally and visually prominent part of the town centre. It is an important link between the Town Centre Core, the balance of the Town Centre Frame and Lake Eden in terms of community functions, streetscape and visual connections. Given the Precinct's location adjacent to The Corso and opposite the Town Centre Core, it is anticipated that land uses within the Precinct take advantage of the highly urbanised and pedestrian friendly environment.The land uses that are expected to locate within the Precinct include commercial services, office, restaurants, retail and some mixed-use development. Additionally, land uses that complement the adjacent Town Centre Frame "A" (Precinct Plan 008) and Town Centre Frame CF (Precinct Plan 015) are also anticipated and include community premises, emergency services and civic, recreation, entertainment and leisure uses.

Precinct plan

Precinct Plan 020(PDF, 67KB)

FiguresDrawing numberDated
1 - Planning Context(PDF, 171KB)CFDprecinctfig1February 2005
2 - Structure Plan Context(PDF, 218KB)CFDprecinctfig2February 2005
3 - Precinct Plan Map(PDF, 110KB)CFDprecinctfig3June 2009
4 - Landscape Concept Plan(PDF, 267KB)CFDprecinctfig4March 2009
5 - Road Layout(PDF, 167KB)CFDprecinctfig5February 2005
6 - Water Supply Headworks(PDF, 300KB)CFDprecinctfig6February 2005
7 - Sewerage Headworks(PDF, 185KB)CFDprecinctfig7February 2005