Heritage master plan and park upgrade - Wyllie Park, Petrie

Concept drawing for Wyllie Park, Petrie

Council has prepared a Heritage Master Plan(PDF, 7MB) for Wyllie Park, Petrie. The park is listed on the Queensland Heritage Register and is significant because it is one of only a handful of remaining historic rest areas in the state.

A Master Plan for the Future

The Master Plan was prepared to address the impact of incremental impacts from infrastructure upgrades associated with road widenings, the Moreton Bay Rail project and more recent infrastructure upgrades associated with the Mill project. Many of the existing mature Slash Pine Trees were also in a state of accelerated decline and needed to be replaced.

The objective of the project was to establish a framework for the reinstatement of the former core heritage values of the park to ensure it retains its roadside rest area function. The design of the park also incorporates new concentric rings of Hoop pines, Crepe Myrtles, Kauri Pines and Tabebuia trees, acknowledging the historic planting themes within the park.

Next Steps

The Queensland Heritage Council endorsed the Heritage Master Plan(PDF, 7MB) and an associated Conservation Management Plan on December 2019 and work is now progressing on the implementation of reinstatement works that are programmed to be completed by approximately November 2020.


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