Williamina Court Park - Water quality improvements

Williamina Court Park Narangba currently has a significant overland flow path that drains a 58-hectare catchment. It includes a concrete low flow channel that runs to a small pond next to Oakey Flat Road. The existing pond is full of sediment and prone to outbreaks of aquatic weeds. 

This site has been identified in Councils Total Water Cycle Management Plan (TWCMP) as a suitable location to upgrade to include vegetated stormwater quality improvement infrastructure. Such upgrades will meet Councils environmental objectives.

Council proposes to replace the existing concrete drain with a naturalised constructed waterway. The constructed waterway will consist of a rocky and vegetated low flow channel. It will incorporate a rock and soil matrix, surrounded by a broader vegetated floodplain. The modified pond will create a more self-sustainable system, with improved vegetated edges. Plants within the pond will help capture sediment and nutrients contained within stormwater.

The naturalised channel and the stormwater treatment pond will include sediment ponds. Sediment ponds act as pre-treatment, protecting the downstream waterways from sedimentation.

The stormwater quality improvement works will include:

  • replace the concrete drain with a naturalised waterway
  • remediation of an existing urban pond to provide a stormwater treatment function
  • minimise adverse flood impacts and sediment loading by introducing two sediment basins
  • improve the aquatic and terrestrial ecological values of the waterway and park
  • meet reduction targets for stormwater pollutant loads.

The expected outcomes are:

  • improved water quality and biodiversity
  • improved pedestrian connectivity
  • landscaped parklands with improved visual amenity
  • low maintenance self-sustaining green infrastructure
  • improved water quality in Burpengary Creek.

View the Williamina Court community information plan for further details: 

Williamina Court community information plan(PDF, 2MB)


Williamina Court Park, 11 Williamina Court, Narangba 4504  View map

Google Map
Williamina Court Park channel upgrade location map
  • A - existing Oakey Flat Road culverts and spillway
  • B - existing pond
  • C - existing swale catchment 7.2 hectares 
  • D - existing headway catchment 4.0 hectares
  • E - Councils local scale retrofit site - extent of works
  • F - existing concrete lined channel
  • G - existing headwall catchment 1.8 hectares

In 2010, Council commenced the preparation of a Total Water Cycle Management Plan (TWCMP) in partnership with Unitywater.

The TWCMP presents the findings from the detailed planning phase in a TWCM planning process for the Moreton Bay Region. It has been developed for South East Queensland (WBD, 2010a) to satisfy the requirements of the Environmental Protection (Water) Policy (2009). 

Moreton Bay Regional Council completed and endorsed the original TWCMP in 2013. 

View the Total Water Cycle Management Plan webpage for more information.

Council undertakes land use and infrastructure planning activities to manage development across our rapidly growing region.

Council’s Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) is an important part of our Planning Scheme and identifies and prioritises trunk (higher order) infrastructure needed to support current and future urban development and growth within the Priority Infrastructure Area (PIA). The PIA is an area that is serviced or intended to be serviced by trunk infrastructure and will accommodate 10 to 15 years of growth.

Trunk infrastructure provides vital services to our communities. It is the green spaces, parks and sporting fields in which we play and relax, the roads that connect our neighbourhoods to the major State Government managed roads, the pathways on which we cycle and walk, and the systems that manage the impact of development on our floodplains and our waterways’ health.

Read the Proposed Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) Interim Amendment No.1- Your Say Moreton Bay for more information.