O'Mara Road, Narangba - Shared pedestrian and cycle bridge

Construction is underway for O’Mara Road pedestrian and cycle bridge and shared pathway.

The objective of the project is to provide a high quality active transport connection linking Yarle Court to the north and Cottontree Drive to the south. Once completed, the bridge and pathway will fill a missing link within the O’Mara Road corridor pathway, provide a safer crossing of New Settlement Road and support the continuation of the O’Mara Road fauna movement corridor.

The pathway connection will also include:

  • lighting to improve pedestrian safety
  • landscaping and tree planting
  • fauna movement infrastructure to allow animals to cross New Settlement Road more safely
  • fencing and anti-throw barriers
  • design features to ensure an attractive facility which adds value to the area.


O'Mara Road, Narangba 4504  View map

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