Samford Laneway and parking project

Samford Laneway project

Our vision

Our vision is a vibrant, active parkland that draws people in.

It’s not often that a whole new laneway is constructed so conveniently close to the centre of town. The Samford Laneway project will provide a lot more opportunity for locals and visitors to park the car and safely walk to the shops, park or cafe.

Main Street is a place for everyone and Council wants to continue to provide essential infrastructure for people now and into the future.

New laneway with parking

Samford Main Street is already plentiful with civic facilities, shops and service providers. In order to fit something new - such as car parking - into the Village, something needs to make way for it. Council recently constructed two new tennis courts at the Samford Parklands. The long-term plan is for the land on which the existing tennis courts are situated on, behind the Samford Farmers Hall, may be put to better use as a Village Centre including a civic/event space, laneway and overflow car parking.

In order to construct the new laneway, the two existing tennis courts will need to be demolished. The new laneway will create:

  • additional car parking spaces (including spaces for people with disability)
  • retention of loading zones for business operations
  • improved vehicular driveway access from Cash Avenue North
  • accessible pathway network for pedestrians
  • shade trees for comfort
  • street furniture such as seating and bike racks.

We have been liaising with all the adjacent property owners in order to make sure all their activities can still operate during construction and will continue to do so once the laneway is finished.

What to expect

We are currently designing the layout of the road pavement, parking spaces, pathways and garden planting areas. In the meantime, you will see Council demolishing the tennis courts to make way for the future construction.

Look forward to more convenience in your Samford Village. Register your details at Your say Moreton Bay for project updates and opportunities to have your say. 

Construction of the laneway is expected to start in July 2022 and run for six months.


Alan Cash Park, Lot 5 Main Street, Samford Village 4520  View map

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