Bunya House

Bunya House - front entry

Bunya House is a small multi-room, multi-function two storey facility located in Arana Hills.

The upstairs area of the venue features three (3) meeting rooms/classrooms of various sizes. The downstairs area has recently been remodelled. 

An ideal space for use by artists and small group fitness classes with picture rails for hanging art work available for use. 

The venue is a self-service model: all hirers are responsible for set-up / pack-down and cleaning of the venue before the conclusion of hire. 


  • Upstairs area has the capacity for up to 20 people.
  • Downstairs area has a capacity of 30 people.


A pathway from the main car park connects to the downstairs meeting room at Bunya House. An accessible internal toilet is located on the lower level.

Please inspect the venue prior to booking to ensure the facility meets your accessibility requirements.


Bunya House is managed by Bunya House Inc on behalf of Council.

To book this venue, please complete the Booking Enquiry Form or contact Hall Management.


Room inclusions:

  • trestle tables
  • stacking chairs
  • whiteboards (1 upstairs and 1 downstairs)

Fees and charges

For information regarding fees and charges, contact hall management.

Hourly and daily rates are available with discounts available for not-for-profit organisations. Casual rates $22.00 per hour and $121.00 per day, $11.00 per hour not-for-profit.

Some events and high-risk activities, i.e. parties where alcohol is served, will require payment of a refundable bond. In some instances, security may also be required as a condition of the booking and will be at the discretion of Hall Management to determine. 


  • Hirers are not permitted to sleep in the venue overnight, however, equipment may be left in the venue if the hirer has a booking for the following day by arrangement with Hall Management
  • Smoking is prohibited in, and within 5 metres of Council venues, except for designated smoking areas 
  • The use of open flames including but not limited to candles, lanterns or smoke machines is prohibited
  • Decorative items such as glitter, rice, sand or confetti is not permitted
  • Decorations must not be affixed in any way that may cause damage; this includes, but is not limited to sticky tape, pins or tacks
  • Animals, with the exception of assistance animals, are not permitted in council venues without prior approval.

Venue inspections

Hall Management provide prospective hirers the opportunity to view the hall prior to booking. Inspections are by appointment only and depend upon the availability of the venue.


1167 South Pine Road, Arana Hills 4054  View map

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