Strathpine major regional activity centre master plan

The State Government identifies Strathpine as a Major Regional Activity Centre in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031

Moreton Bay Regional Council with funding assistance from the Federal Government prepared the Strathpine Major Regional Activity Centre Strategy.

The finalised Strathpine Major Regional Activity Centre Strategy was adopted by Council on the 17 May 2011.


Strathpine is located 20km north of the Brisbane Central Business District and is at the southern end of Moreton Bay Region.

The strategy focuses on parts of the urban, commercial, industrial and rural areas of Strathpine and Brendale, with an emphasis on land within 800 metres of Strathpine and Bray Park Railway Stations.

As a Major Activity Centre, Strathpine is considered an area of significance within the overall network of South-East Queensland centres.


The master planning process has involved the development of the following:

Vision - To guide the preparation of the Strategy and provide future strategic direction for planning and development decisions.

Strategy - comprised of:

  • Master Plan - to guide future development and planning decisions
  • Implementation Plan - to help deliver and support the master plan and achieve the vision

The finalised strategy provides Council, State Agencies, land owners, developers, and the community with the policy interventions that will position Strathpine as a vibrant and successful centre within South East Queensland. The adopted strategy is comprised of a Master Plan and Implementation Plan. 

The Implementation Plan will ensure that the outcomes and strategies are realised by helping to initiate significant change within the centre.  This will be achieved by encouraging economic growth and investment within the centre, which will ensure that superior social, environmental and built form outcomes come to fruition.

The Strathpine Major Regional Activity Centre Strategy has been used to inform the preparation of the MBRC Planning Scheme.  It is important to note that not all of its components have been directly included in the planning scheme as the preparation of the strategy preceded the planning scheme preparation process.  A number of land use, place making and infrastructure outcomes of the Strategy were modified in order to align with the strategic outcomes sought by the planning scheme.

The implementation component is being integrated across Council to identify the actions required to achieve the long term outcomes sought for Strathpine.