Reconciliation Action Plan to guide City of Moreton Bay’s journey

Published 14 December 2023


City of Moreton Bay has adopted its inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), marking an important step in Council’s journey toward reconciliation. 

The plan will provide Council, in partnership with Reconciliation Australia, with a framework to engage meaningfully in reconciliation.

Mayor Peter Flannery said City or Moreton Bay is committed to reconciliation and working in partnership with Traditional Custodians and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to shape a shared future for the benefit of all.

“Council recognises that Moreton Bay has always been a place of cultural, spiritual, social and economic significance for Traditional Custodians,” he said.

“Implementing an Innovate RAP signals City of Moreton Bay’s readiness to strengthen relationships with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

“The actions and deliverables focus on building our cultural capability as an organisation, enhancing our recruitment and procurement practices to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and businesses, and building better community relationships.

“This RAP is a two-year plan, but Council's commitment to reconciliation is long term and we will continue to undertake further actions toward reconciliation.

“There are a number of initiatives, goals and aims outlined in this document to guide us forward, but holistically we want to create a city that advocates and partners with Traditional Custodians and the broader Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

“We want our staff to have the knowledge to support reconciliation in practical ways, and we want to ensure our resources and influence are utilised to combat racism and support equality, equity and opportunities for all peoples.”

Read more about the RAP journey and Council’s work in this space here: Reconciliation Action Plan - City of Moreton Bay

Cover art: The RAP’s cover artwork was created by Jenny Kent (pictured above with her work, standing alongside Mayor Peter Flannery), First Nations contemporary artist with a diverse multicultural heritage. Jenny has First Nations sovereign heritage from South East and Central Queensland and shares kinship with sovereign peoples from North West Queensland regions.  Her custom piece incorporates representations of Moreton Bay’s landscapes, ranges and bays, as well as native flora and fauna such as the koala, native bees, emu, kangaroo, wallaby, goanna, bush berries, seeds, flowers, eucalypts and grasses. Ms Kent presented her artwork to City of Moreton Bay at the December 13, 2023 Community Council Meeting. Learn more about the artwork here:




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