Election Warning: Don’t Come to Moreton Bay Empty Handed

Published 20 April 2022

Federal Election Voting.jpg

Home to three swinging Federal seats with slim margins, Moreton Bay is shaping up as the kingmaker of the 2022 election.

Yet one week into the campaign and neither leader has made an appearance here, so the major parties have been warned not to come empty-handed.

Mayor Peter Flannery said unlike other regions, Moreton Bay residents don’t vote according to party lines, which makes them the most important voters of all.

“We are a unique and complex region, and locals will give their vote to whoever has the best ideas to support our future and lifestyle in the face of massive population growth,” he said.

“As soon as the election was called I wrote to both major parties to make it resoundingly clear that the $100 million allocated by the federal government to Caboolture West in the SEQ City Deal must be a real financial commitment and not a loan, we can go to a bank for a loan.

“The cold hard fact is Caboolture West won’t proceed without federal government funding. We need them to be real partners on this behemoth project - just like the state government is.

“Getting this right is critical for surrounding communities in areas like Morayfield and Caboolture, where we need government to get serious about not only the Bruce Highway but also an alternate western highway through to Caboolture West and key connectors like the Buchanan Road overpass which will cost at least $100 million alone.

“They also need to get on board initiatives like the Bribie Island Road and Bridge upgrades as a way to address bottlenecks and create new tourism opportunities here. 

“So I am 100% in support of the LGAQ’s call for the federal Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program (LRCIP) to continue as a national $500 million funding pool each year because this initiative has successfully provided better roads, parks and countless community infrastructure projects not only here in Moreton Bay but right around the country.

“Council’s ambition is to ‘go green as we grow’, which will require major investments into environmental and wildlife initiatives, transport infrastructure and active lifestyle upgrades.

“We want $50 million to unlock new active transport and recreation opportunities that will activate our riverside riparian corridors for pedestrians and cyclists, create an active transport connection between Griffin and Mango Hill, and extend the Cab-Wam Rail Trail through to Woodford.

“It’s critical that we get a $20 million commitment to build a new wildlife hospital, to protect our native fauna in emergencies rather than having to transport animals to the Sunshine Coast or Wacol.

“Both major parties keep talking about Australia’s ‘advanced economy’, so we want $48 million to help secure an Advanced Manufacturing Centre at The Mill to support new job opportunities.

“Another essential investment at The Mill is to beef-up investment at our Olympic venue, with $30 million to make it a legacy complex with the capacity to host major events and sports before and well beyond the 2032 Games.

“We also want a government with heart, that will invest in our community.

“For too long state and federal governments have underfunded the burgeoning challenge of homelessness and domestic violence in our region, so we need a government that will step up and provide the funding needed for short-term crisis accommodation.

“There’s also the Suttons Beach Pavilion, which locals have said they either want restored or rebuilt, so we’ll need at least $7 million to make that happen.

“I will be encouraging residents to vote for the candidates who have the big ideas that support how we want to live into the future.

“The projects Council has outlines are city-shaping projects that will advance our communities, and any party that’s serious about winning government will be serious about winning here in Moreton Bay.”

Moreton Bay’s Federal Election Wish List:

  • $500 million nationally to continue the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program
  • Upgrade Bribie Island Road to four lanes and build a new Bridge to address bottlenecking. Turn the existing bridge into a green pedestrian bridge for cyclists, tourists, fishing and emergency vehicles.
  • $100 million funding guarantee in the City Deal for Caboolture West - this CANNOT be a loan
  • $100 million for the Buchanan Road Overpass in Morayfield
  • $50 million to connect our communities with active transport and recreation options, made up of:
  • $32 million to activate our rivers and riparian corridors for walking, cycling, and e-mobility
  • $10 million for an active transport connection between Griffin and Mango Hill
  • $8 million to upgrade and extend the Caboolture-to-Wamuran Rail Trail through to Woodford
  • $48 million to help secure an Advanced Manufacturing Centre at The Mill
  • $30 million to purchase ‘Bay Cats’ and establish a ferry network that will link coastal communities from Bribie Island to Redcliffe
  • $30 million to enhance our Olympic Venue into an events complex that will stand the test of time
  • $20 million for a wildlife hospital, so sick and injured animals can be treated locally
  • $20 million funding for short term crisis accommodation, for people experiencing homelessness and domestic violence
  • $7 million towards the restoration or rebuilding of the Suttons Beach Pavilion
  • $6 million for an Interpretive Centre at The Mill for lifelong education and learning about science and the environment