Council Kicks-Off Dolphin’s NRL Debut with $400,000 Deal

Published 01 March 2023

MBRC Dolphins Deal

The Dolphin’s 75-year track record of success hits the big time this weekend with the boys kicking-off in their NRL debut, and Council will be with them cheering from the sidelines.

Councillors today voted to approve a $400,000 sponsorship over two years, with Mayor Peter Flannery saying it would bring national exposure to brand Moreton Bay.

“We backed their bid for the 17th NRL licence from the start knowing it would bring significant economic stimulus and potential interstate investment to our area,” he said.

“Over the years Council has been the biggest financial backer of the Dolphins, helping them transform from a QRL powerhouse to the NRL’s newest team.

“It was our$13 million total investment including $8.4 million towards their $24 million stadium that gave the Dolphins a competitive edge over the other NRL licence bidders and today’s vote formalises that relationship moving forward.

“This contract means the Dolphins will promote Moreton Bay and give local clubs access to Dolphins players as ambassadors for sport and living a healthy lifestyle.

“We are rugby league heartland and with the mentoring of our very own local NRL team, I reckon we’ll be producing a few more Civonicevas every year!

“Council has been the Dolphin’s biggest financial backer in getting them ready to enter the big league this year, in fact when the third and final stage of Kayo Stadium opened in 2020 we had contributed around half of the funding for its construction and upgrades.

“Our boutique 10,000-seat stadium has gone absolutely off when we’ve hosted events like Roar A-League games, the 2018 Commonwealth Rugby League Championship, FFA Cup and NRL pre-season matches - so I can’t wait to see the atmosphere of home games here.

“But this weekend I hope everyone’s got tickets to get into Suncorp Stadium and watch our boys crush the Roosters in their maiden NRL game.

“So get your fins out for the mighty Dolphins and make enough noise to put Moreton Bay on the map.

“This is a moment in history that we can all be proud of.”