Council’s Weed Treatment Full Steam Ahead

Published 30 September 2020

Steam Weed

Council has ditched the use of chemical herbicides in 60 high profile parks across the Moreton Bay Region to reduce the use of the chemical glyphosate.

Instead weeds are now being killed using the power of steam, after Moreton Bay Regional Council purchased a mobile Quik Steam system that can be mounted on the back of a truck to eradicate weeds wherever they pop up.

“Council is aiming to avoid the use of chemicals in as many areas as possible,” said Mayor Peter Flannery.

“In recent years, billions of dollars in compensation has been awarded to cancer sufferers linked to using Roundup in the USA.

 “While the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) deems Roundup to be safe, I want this Council to be on the front foot in ensuring the safety of our community and I think this is a simple change we can make.

“Steam weeding has proven to be an effective way of destroying weeds without exposing our kids or environment to the harsh chemicals found in most herbicides.

“The weed steamer applies pressurised hot steam that penetrates the plant to explode weed cells from the inside out, causing them to wilt and die.

“Council crews are now using this method at dozens of high-profile parks, including the playgrounds, and surrounding footpaths all over the region including Caboolture, Bongaree, Strathpine and Samford.

“Not only does steam weeding eliminate the use of glyphosate, it also reduces the chemicals that enter our waterways as run-off, helping to protect our environment for future generations.

 “We love our waterways and it is important to protect them from deterioration and pollution.

“South East Queensland’s waterways provide over $5 billion in economic benefits each year in industry, tourism, recreation and fishing so it is important that we do what we can to keep our bays and creeks healthy.

“We all have a part to play in reducing pollution in our waterways and Council is invested in continuing to maintain good water quality while providing food and habitats for marine life."