Discretionary funds

Council makes discretionary funds available each financial year to community organisations for community purposes.

Community organisations may make application for discretionary funds.

Applications for discretionary funds by community organisations must be made in accordance with Council's Discretionary Funds Policy, Availability notice(PDF, 94KB) and the Discretionary funds guidelines(PDF, 135KB).

Please note:

  • projects must not commence before the application outcome is known
  • allow a minimum of two (2) weeks application processing time after submitting a completed application; and
  • if successful, an Outcome Report will be due four weeks after project completion date.

For more information contact Council or email grants@moretonbay.qld.gov.au.

Funding for 2022/23

The Local Government Regulation 2012 requires Council to allocate an amount for discretionary funds that does not exceed the prescribed amount. The prescribed amount, for a local government for a financial year, means 0.1% of the local government’s revenue from general rates for the previous financial year.

Council has allocated a total amount of $275,408 for discretionary funds for 2022/23.

Recent legislative changes also require the amount of discretionary funds a local government budgets for allocation by each Councillor in a financial year to be the same for all Councillors. In 2022/23 this amount equates to $21,185 for a Councillor.


Community organisations can apply for discretionary funds using the online Discretionary Funds application form.

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A register of the amounts allocated under Council's discretionary funds is published in accordance with the Local Government Regulation 2012.